Tummy Time
Catering for kids
Tummy Time Catering for kids specializes in bringing children healthy meals. We provide maximum nutritional value by incorporating whole grain breads, lean meats, vegetables and low fat sauces to our meals without compromising on taste. Our menu has been specifically created to meet the new criteria of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s School Food and Beverages Policy (P/PM 150).
Prepared in our peanut-free, health-certified kitchen “Tummy Time”, also known as “Brettone’s Venue & Catering” has been awarded with the “Eat Smart Award of Excellence.” Eat Smart is an award program that gives recognition to kitchens that meet exceptional standards in nutrition & safe food handling.
Research links healthier eating to a positive impact on school performance and healthier children typically become healthier adults. Also, children who are given more opportunity to enjoy healthier choices in school, can also be influenced to make better food choices outside of school. Therefore our Hot-Lunch Program benefits our students today, giving them a healthier tomorrow.
“Tummy Time” offers a Hot-Lunch Program that appeals to students, parents & administration alike & will yield immediate rewards for all. “Tummy Time” can accommodate daily, weekly, monthly or occasional programs as well as gear to specific needs of the children. 

We offer an easy-to-implement Hot-Lunch Program in which meals are placed in individual containers and packaged in boxes ready to be distributed directly to the classroom. This is an advantage as it doesn’t require volunteers or school members to participate in organizing or distribution.

We take pride in providing consistent, nutritious, high quality products that children will be sure to love and enjoy.